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Greg Monk

I am PMA®Certified Pilates Teacher and Master Teacher Trainer through Pilates Sports Center. As the owner, I wanted a studio where people of all shapes and sizes would feel great about their workout experience.

As someone who has struggled with weight issues all my life, I know that it can be intimidating to get started on a healthier lifestyle, especially in a typical gym environment. From Yoga to Pilates and Massage in between, we all want you to be the best you possible. Whether you are a beginner , athlete, or weekend warrior, we have classes that fit your lifestyle. I have a passion for clients with Scoliosis. I use Biomechanical Asymmetry Corrector (BAC) discs for assessment and treatment. They are designed to restore normal spinal mechanics and functional movement patterns.

Jeremiah Vaughn

I moved to Texas in 2003 to attend The Relax Station School of Massage and later became a massage instructor for the same facility.

I originally was going to use massage as a stepping stone to become a chiropractor, but I learned that muscle and soft tissue dysfunction can causebone dysfunction and misalignments. Therefore, I decided to increase my knowledge of massage by taking continuing education classes such as myo-skeletalalignment and deep tissue techniques. Through this I became a TRX Trainer in order to help people get full body workouts without over stressing the muscels that can cause dysfunction and misalignments. Form is everything!